Baby talent agencies los angeles

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Top 10 :. Honorable Mention goes to Bensimon. Neat to have a list! What makes these agencies good? Why did they make the cut? What differentiates them from the rest of the pack? Hi Melissa! I generated this list from my booking sheets and audition reports. Which agencies kids do I call in the most and book with me the most?

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If you asked another CD, their list might vary very slightly. But for the most part, the majority of agents on this list, are on every CDs list. They are just the highest quality, most successful kids agencies in town with the best reputation and consistent skilled customer service.

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Great List. I own a model and talent agency and I connect with many other agencies. This is a great list for non New York and L. Would love to see a list like this for NY. As a photographer, people ask me which agency to go with all the time.

Which ones do you recommend for teenagers?? Looking for a new agent and manager for a SAG actor… Thanks so much. Both Osbrink and Coast to Coast want to them.

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We are having a difficult time making up our minds. We are trying to do our research before ing, but I feel like there is a toss up in reviews with both agencies. Any suggestions or opinions? Where does a parent new to this start? Also, are there agencies who do work with special needs child models? Thanks in advance! He acts, sings, and dances and loves the stage. My question is if there is a camp in the Hollywood area that I could bring him to? Hoping that may help with meeting people? Or if you have a recommendation for Oregon?

Anyone know anything about this agency? Anyone know anything about her or this agency? Dress your child in solids without distraction like logos, vulgar sayings, crazy patterns or profusion of florals. Basically, use your best judgement. Tracy, a talent agen wants to audition my baby girl.

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Does that sound right? No Gabriela, That does not sound right at all. An agency should not send you to one specific photographer. A legit agency will give you a list of their preferred photographers but who you choose is ultimately up to you. Please HollywoodMomBlog gmail.

Good Luck! Other Hollywood Moms say Coleen Cler is an excellent agency and that a lot of print kids are represented there.

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Hope this helps you. Our feedback from other parents is that MINC is a hard working agency, good choice for newbies and beginners. And Jeff ,Minc is also good. This is just my top fave list. There are many other agencies that are great too.

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These are just the ones that tend to book most with me. Is this list still current? Just wondering about Mavrick, anyone know if they are good? List is very current — look at date of post Jan. As for the agencies you mentioned, Maverick, Paloma and The Beverly Agency are all very different agencies. Is your child interested in acting? How did you arrive at these three agencies? I got the Right Agent handbook and started sending out her picture. Those are some of the agencies that replied with interest in her. She deffinitely wants to act. I would like an agency that is well known, growing, and that can guide her in the right direction…gives her work.

Gloria — You should schedule interviews with Paloma and Mavrick then. I would also suggest researching their current client rosters. Good luck! Looking into getting her an agent. I have two of my daughters one 12 and one just turned 18 with Armando at Kathleen Schultz Agency. Good experience so far, several auditions for commercial and television just waiting for their first booking. Do you know how much they run and can you recommend one?

And from anyone who might know their record, which agency is better known to for working for the client. Thank you for putting this together, where should I look for a list in the DC area? Or what should I look for good and bad if I start calling places on my own? Hi we got a interview with Coleen cler agency in LA and my daughter is 7 months old. What do you recommend she wear? What should we expect in the interview? They say they promote your child to top agencies. So they only cost being that start up fee.

Caroline and Concerned auntie, Anyone asking for money upfront is not legit Never pay a company to promote or represent talent. Never pay a registration fee or with a company that insists on in-house classes or photographers. They promote your child to agencies? How do they do that? Which is what YOU can do too. Because what you need is a real agency that will get you the auditions. If I had those things, they would have used it, but I had nothing. They gave me amazing photos, a leather bound portfolio, auditions, jobs, and I even met amazing casting directors and agents from other agencies.

With the things I paid for hehots, other portfolio pics, comp cards, portfolio book I had everything I needed. But Baby talent agencies los angeles Wilhelmina, I have nothing bad to say about them. Yes, you should not pay upfront… [on my 2nd meeting is when we discussed the things I was missing] Wilhelmina worked with me and gave me a payment planbut you have to think. So, make sure you check the reputation with the agency in question.

Baby talent agencies los angeles

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What Are The Best Model And Talent Agencies For Kids In Los Angeles?