Attractive intelligent woman are you out there

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Is men refraining from dating intelligent women simply a stereotype? Or is there something more to it? Men who are not very confident about themselves or highly rate the social value systems would find an intelligent women attractive but will not look to date or marry them. And this is especially true in the Indian context because an intelligent woman tends to question, find answers or take decisions at time and places which might hurt the male ego.

Such men would seek an intelligent woman as their partner. The partner would be emotionally and intellectually challenging and fulfilling.

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Since the of these type of men is few, the first category is the one you would find dominating in the society. Dr Hemant says intelligence is not measured by the qualifications and degrees one possess.

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Intelligence makes a lady adjustable, but at the same time independent. Since, most Indian men tend to neglect the quotient of intelligence while choosing a partner, they really get attracted to someone who has it. They may find intelligent women attractive, but when it comes to dating, they feel intimidated because Indian society is a male dominated society, where being competent and competitive are qualities that are particularly important to men. They are perceived to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong and therefore dating intelligent women is considered to be a healthy competition.

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In contrast to this, I do not completely agree with this research. This can be said because there are real- life examples of well-known celebrities married to smart women. On the contrary they feel secured that the future of their family is in the right hand when they marry an intelligent woman so this, in fact, may be one of the factors that a man may look for while dating a woman. Moreover a partner who constantly stimulates your intellect can have a positive effect on your cognitive abilities and on your children as well.

Men, therefore, perceive that an intelligent woman would create a more pleasant family atmosphere.

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Working or not working3. Family background4.

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Education and qualifications one possess5. Social acceptability —which would include her friends, family, and a little bit of all the above. There are always individual differences and it varies from person to person, how they think, feel and perceive about these notions.

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And this benefits society too! Breaking News.

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Attractive intelligent woman are you out there

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