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Recently, Facebook changed the rules for real estate advertising on the platform. The company implemented the special ad categorywhich restricts targeting for certain types ofincluding housing. Most notably, marketers can no longer target ad audiences based on demographics, behavior, or ZIP code. Does that mean Facebook real estate are worthless? Not at all!

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Facebook are still a powerful way to get your in front of a relevant audience. When Facebook implemented the special ad category, they changed their targeting algorithm as well. You can now create a Special Ad Audience, and Facebook will show your real estate to visitors with behavior similar online to that of your current customers.

This includes limiting the country and target group size for your ad to restrict it to more local viewers and targeting based on interests. Check out our selection of the 42 best real estate Facebookand discover how to bring on the personality and solve customer problems—right in your ad!

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In just a few words, the ad describes how the spacious house is perfect for gathering people together. Zac McHardy boosts brand awareness by using Facebook Live to tour a property. A live video tour helps a listing feel more authentic, building brand trust in ad viewers. While your audience might think a picture has been edited or cropped, a live video or Facebook Live ad shows them the house just as if they were touring it in person.

QuintoAndar used dynamic to target people who looked at particular properties on its website. The company used the Carousel format to show off the listings that the person already looked atplus others that could be of interestincreasing their chances of renting to those retargeted. Levinson Real Estate Team goes beyond the traditional house pictures and listing information for their real estate advertising. They offer a useful infographic to help readers decide when to rent or buy. IGrow Wealth Investments increases brand awareness by hosting an educational event on property investment.

What the Sooke? By providing a free PDF to address this pain point, the brand can generate le and collect contact information from people who are likely looking to sell a home in the near future. Apartment List uses a short video to mark its competitive advantage : a free app that lets users easily customize their apartment search. Real estate marketing involves a lot of pictures of the fronts of homes. Make your ad stand out by including blueprints or a floor plan. Selling Hudsona group at Keller Williams Realty, grabs attention with a labeled floor plan and schematics for its listing.

This helps attract people who have specific real estate goalslike square footage or layout. Increasingly, consumers, especially Gen Zersare looking for brands that support the causes they believe in. Howard Hanna shows how real estate advertising can promote the company as well as individual listings.

It highlights the pricing expertise and insider knowledge of its real estate agents right in the copy so that people can immediately see the advantages of working with the company. Mr Sell Team promotes its listing by using a high-production-value video. Lisney generates real estate le with the power of a free home valuation. Its ad promises to reduce the friction Advertisement on villa for sale selling a home by offering to take over an important step in the process. This acts as a magnet for potentially stressed people who are about to sell or are thinking of selling.

In two different parts of the ad copy, the real estate business emphasizes its solution: a free checklist of health and safety best practices for real estate tours. Weaver Homes created an event ad for its Open House, which made it easy for interested parties to mark it on their Facebook calendarnotification and all. Sunway Property targets budget-conscious customers with time-sensitive promotions. The company taps into the fear of missing out FOMO by emphasizing that these offers are available only through the end of the month, and that viewers should book right away to avoid losing out on huge savings.

Instead of a series of pictures like you might see in a Carousel or Collection adPangea Real Estate created a video slideshow. This reduces the effort needed to see the full ad, increasing the odds that people will look at every slide.

Keeping the video to 14 seconds means it works equally well as a standard Facebook ad and as a Story ad. Century 21 First Story Real Estate uses a forceful slogan to make its value proposition clear to its audience. Larger s of followers mean a wider audience for your organic posts, and a greater potential to increase brand awareness through shares, social referrals and post engagement. The offer not only beckons the viewer to click through for more informationbut it also encourages them Advertisement on villa for sale provide their address and receive a selection of real estate listings customized for their needs.

This marketing strategy helps with lead generation, providing you with s of people you know are interested in buying a home. Sacramento Real Estate Photographers paired with a 3D imaging company to create 3D floor plans and home tours for their clients. By embracing new technology and promoting these unique offerings, the company highlights what it has to offer clients looking to photograph their listings. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate uses interest targeting to de an ad that matches properties with standout features to people Advertisement on villa for sale would appreciate them.

For a lot of real estate Facebookthe images tend to be stock photos of houses that are pretty but are long off the market. People respond to a vast array of visual features when it comes to a house. You can take advantage of the Carousel format, as Reef Point Real Estate did, to provide different angles of the same listing. Some will want to click through because of the kitchen.

Carousel let you appeal to a broad audience of potential buyers with varied interests. Ebby Halliday features its agents by making their name and contact info easy to pinpoint. One of the most prominent parts of the Facebook ad is the headline, right next to the CTA. This technique is especially useful for real estate agencies that sell across multiple locations because it makes it more convenient for the viewer to find the correct real estate professional to contact for listings in their area.

Eric Meldrum, Realtorgrabs viewer attention with a relevant statistic about the local market. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices makes it easy for customers to identify brand-new listings. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes even a photo needs a little help. Bayleys Real Estate adds circles to its aerial photographs so the viewer knows which house to look at.

You might also use photo annotation to point out unique or hard-to-see details about the house, such as an above-garage suite or extra storage closets. Adriana Treneva Silicon Valley Realtor, created a simple ad using a graphic of a calculator featuring a house.

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First-time home buyers are likely to need help choosing a home in their area of choice. When it comes to a prospective home, people are likely to scrutinize before they buy. Realtor Andrew Guillot follows up on that need by providing 21 photos of the same listing within a Collection format, which allows people to see four of those photos at a glance. By putting the most enticing images in a Collection, Andrew Guillot shows the viewer multiple features and amenities they could get with this house, encouraging them to click through for more information or to put in an offer.

Balgores Property Group leverages the customer pain point of a potentially drawn-out sales process by pointing out how fast the company sold other houses in the area. The main function of a real estate marketing campaign is to get people to interact with a property in real life.

What if you could convince someone to buy before ever scheduling in-person showings? With a virtual Advertisement on villa for saleHergGroup Richmond-Metro did just that. A determining factor in buying a home is price. People filter their house search by price, which is why Beazer Homes mentions their curated price range of homes to reduce friction for a specific audience. That way, the prospective buyer looks at the ad and immediately clicks because the price range of homes provided is what they would have searched for on their own. If someone is currently looking for a home, they may see from multiple real estate agencies, plus they are looking at picture after picture of houses.

Nevada Real Estate News makes its stand out by sprinkling in relevant emojis. Emojis help break up text and add a fun element to the ad copy. Offering an at-a-glance tip like this can also promote social sharing because viewers might send your ad to people they think could use the advice. People want to sell their homes for top dollar, and with a map of selling prices in their area, they can get a sense of what top dollar means for their specific neighborhood.

It provides real value right within the Advertisement on villa for sale image. People believe user ratings more than any other kind of trust proposition, so if your agency has a lot of praise and the rating to show it, featuring that customer feedback is an effective way to establish legitimacy and stand out. Redline Real Estate Group used its real estate advertising to highlight the positive reviews its agents received. The ad emphasizes that the reviews were just from the past week, implying that Redline agents frequently get positive feedback from customers.

Gabe Mendez a. He excitedly congratulates his clients, celebrating both their successful purchase and his own real estate team. His convey the ideas that not only can he help clients find their homes, but he will also be a friend and advocate along the way. Most real estate feature a gleaming, well-lit property—during the daytime. Night and evening pictures bring out the unexpected personality in a listing.

Troy Phillipsa South Carolina Realtor, created an ad featuring a high-quality picture of his listing at sunset. Successful real estate Facebook do more than just stick up a pretty picture of a house and call it a day. We hope these examples have inspired you to de your real estate advertising campaign—with a twist!

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Advertisement on villa for sale

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