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When Mayor Adult stores in jackson ms Melton and two detectives raided an adult novelty store last Thursday, the incident raised a few questions. On July 29, The Clarion-Ledger reported in its crime briefs that the store violated a state statute. The newspaper did not report which statute, but Section of the Mississippi Code establishes the distribution of obscene materials or obscene performance through selling, renting, publishing or exhibiting, as well as intending to resell such items, as illegal.

Knowingly selling, advertising, publishing, or exhibiting any three-dimensional devices deed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of the human genitalia, also referred to as sexual devices, is illegal, found in The store is located near a pawn shop and a loan store—not residential spaces—but WLBT said that the store is "in the middle of a Jackson neighborhood.

The Clarion-Ledger reported, "The Terry Road and Porter Street area is not zoned for adult entertainment," but this may not be completely true. Mary Merck, the city zoning administrator, explained that the store could have stayed in that area if it had followed zoning restrictions more closely.

What The Clarion-Ledger didn't report, though, is the possible presence of illegal sex. The WLBT report said that "arrests" were made in the rear of the store, but the news station only reported one arrest—that of year-old cashier Debra Washington. William Gladney of the JPD Adult stores in jackson ms crimes unit confirmed that public sex is illegal, but said he was unsure whether the two men had been arrested.

We arrested Debra Washington, but I don't know about the two men," he said. Beyond that, the police referred questions about the sex arrests to the mayor's office, which did not respond by press time. Though both reports noted that police "shut down" the bookstore, Gladney said the store could not be shut down without a court order from the chancery court. Turmoil has engulfed the city of Jackson. Carl-John Jim was a respected Code Enforcer.

Some of the other enforcers said that one day, he too might become a member of the City Council. Get in a squad of Clone Troopers! It flipped open with the familiar fffffwhiiiip that struck dread into the heart of code-breakers everywhere. It was then that Owen-Bob Kilroy knew his destiny; to one day become a great Code Enforcer, protecting peace and justice in Jackson. Donna, I feel you should claim bearded madman as a satire writer! You're right. This stuff is feeling print-worthy. Bearded madman, be in touch directly if you're interested in talking more.

Well, the Star Wars fan in me, which really, really hates Episode I though I fear this may be getting incredibly off-topic Then, after Chancellor Johnson proves incapable of handling the various menaces of the city, the up-and-coming offical Frank Melton would reveal his campaign for Supreme Chancellor, winning it handily. Then, when the threat is at it's most dire, he would reveal himself to be Brookshires is the work of the devil! Not only do they sell such obvious sex toys as zucchini, squash, cucumbers and bananas, you can buy beer and wine coolers.

Why, they even have a florist and sell "romantically" read: pervertedly! It's a goddamn sin store, right there in the middle of a neighborhood, next to a Fire Department! Those poor firemen with their muscles and big hoses and Off topic. This is no joke! That place is a menace! Why, you could walk in there, buy a cucumber, a pumpkin, a box of chocolates, some flowers and a wine cooler! All the tools some twisted fiend needs to seduce him or her self in an atrocious act of self-pollution when their own defenses against themselves would be down because of the devils' brew!

The devil's brew is, to clarify, wine coolers.

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Hilarious stuff! Cheers, TH. And it's all so well-thought out too! We'll forgive Berded for not putting Johnson as the Chancelor :D. Since I started this mess on another forum, I will say it is hard to argue not to shut the doors of the AVN if the owner is really video taping the unknowing participants. However, that should not detract from the original argument that the banning of "sexual devices" is absurd in this day and time.

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I certainly wouldn't argue that the doors shouldn't be closed. It sounds like its out-of-control over there. In fact, we made ourselves dizzy last week trying to find out if they actually arrested the men having sex in the store and, if not and it doesn't sound like they didwhy not??? Also, I wonder why they didn't notice these cameras all over the place then?

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I hope they're sure they're not security cameras, and Melton isn't just justing all over that without checking as he seems to be doing with everything else. That's the kind of thing that would land the city straight into a lawsuit. I'm not saying that's true, but he's not exactly building credibility that he knows what he's talking about before he opens his mouth.

Also, and here is a major question: What does he have to do to close the business? And is he doing it? Going on TV and blathering about it is one thing, but where are the arrests of the men having sex? The actual plan for closing the store sounds like the other media just assumed he had closed Adult stores in jackson ms These are the real questions. It's one thing to say you're going to demand a judge tell you something; how about having your staff do the research to find out what the procedures are before you show up and start yelling?

After re-opening late last week, it was business as usual at the A. C video store on Terry Road. Now two people have been arrested, the doors are closed, and the mayor hopes the courts will take action. Police tape seals off the entrance to the novelty store. Friday night police went back and found the same activity. We are going to close them down and get them out of town," said Melton.

On July 28th, officers raided the business and found patrons engaged in sexual activity. Adult paraphernalia, banned in Mississippi, was seized. Around Friday night police arrested the stores manager and one patron who Melton says solicited a police officer for sex. But this time authorities noticed something else. Inside the booths in the back, Melton says patrons were being watched. The mayor says he will personally ask a chancery court judge to close the shop down.

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My other question: What in the world does the mayor "personally" asking anyone to do something have to do with enforcing and following the law? A judge shouldn't react one way or the other to a mayor asking them for something.

That sounds a bit like machine politics to me: Do this for me because I ask you to. I just don't get Melton's rhetoric. I feel like I'm watching a TV drama, not observing a real city and its daily machinations. Truly bizarre. Good perspective. I hadn't thought of the "personally" asking aspect of the story.

That is a "big" question! Granted, even prostitution doesn't warrant closing the doors in my political spectrum. It is still a "choice" issue at the core. But, the added "activity" at the store is tempering my argument from being strictly in their favor. They definitely need to get their act together over at the shop if they are going to go back in business. If the owner converted the rooms to shelf space, and added more videos or whatever ;- then they may be back in compliance with the law and allowed to operate as a business in Jackson.

Or that is what should happen. That is how a city works with its citizens no matter how it feels about their choices. If Jackson is getting big enough to support a thriving "sex industry" then we have got to have some people with the know how to take it to the net and market themselves as is done in N. Also, many alt. That city pioneered debauchery for the whole country less we forget! Zone it, tax it, but don't ban it! BTW: Are the other shops are Adult stores in jackson ms others?? The latter would be far worst then just checking all the stores to see if they are complying with the laws that are written - however silly the law is.

It's in an industrial area over near UPS. I agree with what you said also. Example: this city has lost many opportunities to host taxable tattoo parlors to the 'burbs because of zoning. As far as I know, you also had to have a membership to view, rent or buy materials. Now, again, I haven't been there in quite a while porn's not my thing so it certainly could have changed.

Now, the cameras in the back rooms are a concern. I see an easy opportunity to say they were used to prevent intercourse and possibly prostitution. If they were instead used to film sex acts and distributed over the internet as Melton suggeststhat's a whole new issue dealing with privacy. Then again, I suppose you lose rights to privacy when you're having sex in public. Talk about a can of worms.

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Why don't we get the well-lit and clean Romantic Adventures to buy them out and renovate? That'd save Jacksonians from driving to Byram or Flowood to purchase their skin-flicks, "back massagers" and naughty nighties. We're being much to hard on Frank. There are some serious issues surrounding this whole event. He is trying to keep the prurient interests at bay and we should all be thankful.

Why would anyone need any of those implements anyway?

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Adult Sex Stores in Jackson, MS