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Sex therapy is a specialized type of psychotherapy where you can address concerns about your sexual functioning, sexual feelings and intimacy, either in individual therapy or couples therapy. Almost everyone encounters sexual problems at some point in their lives yet many of us endure sexual difficulties because we are too embarrassed to seek help. Sex meets our human need to feel good about ourselves and to bond with another.

For an individual, feeling sexually good about yourself can be related to feeling confident and secure. For a couple, sexual problems create emotional distance that over time will lead to further disconnection. Sex matters, and having a healthy, informed Adult sex Counselor towards sex will enhance your sex life and sense of wellbeing.

Sex therapy can be effective for individuals of any age, gender, sexual orientation, or background. Sex therapy is typically short term in duration; however, treatment plans depend on the concerns and goals being addressed.

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Sex therapy can often help couples or individuals gain more confidence, restore or improve sexual health, communicate more effectively, and work on achieving a more fulfilling sex life. While some sexual problems may stem from a medical cause, most often they are about emotional conflicts within a person and or emotional conflicts between partners.

A good relationship is one where partners can feel emotionally safe, secure, vulnerable and open. Couples often come for therapy when there is a disparity in libido, or when an infidelity has been uncovered. A loss of desire is a source of sadness, and sometimes conflict for couples.

A rupture of trust is traumatic and threatening to the bond between them. Therapy can facilitate communication and conflict resolution. Women sometimes struggle to maintain desire once they are mothers, if the sex has become routine, Adult sex Counselor they have body image issues, or after menopause. Sex may have become painful, leading to avoidance or vaginismus. Men are likely to lose desire if they are stressed or feel unfulfilled in their work. Reliance on pornography or masturbation, and performance difficulties such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or inability to climax, can lead to avoidance of sex with their partner.

Adequate and comprehensive sex counselling can have a positive impact on the psychological and sexual health of a person or couple in therapy. Sex therapy is not limited to these issues but these are some of the most common reasons a person or couples seeks treatment. The idea of seeing a professional for sexual issues can be intimidating. Sex therapy focuses on human sexuality and intimacy, aspects of our lives that are often difficult to discuss.

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We strive to create a non-judgemental atmosphere where single and partnered individuals Adult sex Counselor feel emotionally safe to talk more openly about their fears, desires, and disappointments. Sex therapy can involve practical strategies such as providing specific education, strengthening communication and suggesting targeted homework activities. Please to find out more about sex therapy. Back to Areas of Focus. Sex Therapy. Sex Therapy avoadmin2 T What is sex therapy? Who does sex therapy help? Sex therapy for couples may address: Intimacy after infidelity Mismatched desire Intimacy after having children Sexual dissatisfaction or sexless marriage Sex and religious or cultural issues Sex and chronic illness Enhancing an individual or couples overall sexual wellbeing Sex therapy for individuals may address: Low or no desire Inability to achieve orgasm Vaginismus Sexual pain Healing from past abuse Erectile dysfunction Uncontrolled premature ejaculation Out of control sexual behaviour Inhibited delayed ejaculation Sex therapy is not limited to these issues but these are some of the most common reasons a person or couples seeks treatment.

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Adult sex Counselor

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