2009 buell lightning xb12scg

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An antique, character-rich engine in a stubby street-fighter motorcycle chassis dripping technical innovation. Easy to love if hard to justify.

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Superb handling. Buell were talking about and using mass centralisation years before the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers cottoned on. 2009 buell lightning xb12scg Buell XB12S Lightning's rim mounted disc brake works well plus lets the wheel be lighter for lower unsprung mass. The gearbox is not good though.

2009 buell lightning xb12scg needs a firm prod and makes plenty of noise as you swap cogs — but it kind of adds to the experience of taming this motorcycle. Injection somewhat jerky with this particular motorcycle. Buell promise the glitches and niggles of earlier years are sorted with the Buell XB12S Lightning but owners of the motorcycle report otherwise.

Electrical problems and poor finish are more minor than the snapping bolts and drive belts that earlier Buell motorcycles suffered. The exciting and dependable Triumph Speed Triple and the punchy Aprilia Tuono are both as desirable and capable but with their own character and cachet. You have to really want any of those motorcycles to buy one but if you do, little else will fit the bill.

Little is expected on streetfighter motorcycles and the Buell XB12S Lightning is particularly minimalist. The motorcycle's seat is barely adequate for one, let alone two and the lack of wind protection makes longer journeys tiring on a Buell XB12S Lightning. Fuel range poor. Twin trip meters is about as much luxury as you get with this motorcycle. Factory extras include a gel seat, rigid panniers, frame protectors, lo of carbon and dress up parts and more.

Buell XB12S Lightning Long: longer wheelbase, more spacious riding position and slower steering geometry for a less manic ride. Other minor mods. Buell XB12X Ulysses: 'adventure sport' style with enduro bars and bodywork and long travel suspension. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. My 05 xb12scg, is the coolest bike I have ever ridden.

It handles the corners, like no other bike! And I have never felt cooler, then when I ride that bike. You will never feel as cool as you do on a Buell! The brakes are phenomenal. I can stop on a dime. The corner is unbelievable. Watch some YouTube videos. It's the rumble of a cc Harley, the V-Twin is easy enough to work on.

And regardless of what anyone tells you, that simple old cavemen de engine is a beast! The low-end torque will drop you off the back if you don't hold on tight. In two seasons, I have replace the rear tire once, clutch cable once, but that one was my fault I overturned the ferrule.

And about a hundred bucks in oil change supplies oil, oil filter, drain plug o-rings, clutch cover gasket, inspection Port gasket. And of course, I upgraded the exhaust, and added some cosmetic upgrades like shorty levers, bar end mirrors, some vinyl wrapping, and a new seat because mine was 14 years old. It's a motorcycle not a luxury car.

I purchased it from a small independent dealer in mesquite Texas. I bought it over the phone, and internet. I never heard it or saw it in person before I purchased it. And it was super exciting getting the updates from the shipper along the way to my state of Washington. I owned a lot of bikes from Japan, German, american, Italian, british, austrian and even a Russian.

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But the Buell is the one which always puts a smile on my face. When I get up on my day off after a 14 hour day, tired and exhausted I look out of the kitchen window and see her sleeping and I just know I gotta get out asap. Well I owned an Italian primadonna which would not start straight away when it was raining or under 10C! Highly recommendable even as first 'big' bike. Best bike I ever ridden. Go on the twisty country ro or up on the serpentines in the alps and all those r1, blades or zx will eat.

You don't need to be a Rossi to scrape your knee with the XB. I loved the way it handled and looked but every single other bit was appauling. Brilliant bike just love it. No big problems on it had a misfire due to bad spark plugs and a tps reset which is nothing. Never had a bike before giving me so much confidence to throw it into corners and get my knee down than the XB.

I know on the UKBEG forum there is a stark tendency to talk the XB down and praise the 'easy fix' Tuber but I think that is all due to people who spend all those hours on their bikes that they just dishonest to themselves how the Tubers really are. I rode any X1 and S1 and the handling is just awful. Also the standard looks of the Tubers are ugly compared to the XB where only the Cheesegrater in the way of the beauty but 2009 buell lightning xb12scg removable.

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I could write a book on here explaining why it is so good but you have to experience it yourself so get down to your local dealership and test ride one and you will see what I mean. As Clarkson always says you have to own at least one Alfa in your life. I have to say you have to own at least one Buell in your life and this is the model or the XB12R.

Forget the old unreliable tube frame models these bikes apart from very early 03 bikes are absolute fun. The first time you sit on them and start em up it might feel weird but the first time you out on a country road you cannot stop loving them.

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XB riders are known for a constant grin on their face. The handling is idiot proof and superb. The engine, yes it want do over I don't know where they get the from but you don't want to do that on it anyway but saying that it will do motorway miles without problems. The old tubers are known for exploding engines on motorways. The XB has tons of torque and will kill any superbike in cornering. Than there is the exclusivity turn up at your local biker caff and you will see how many other Buell's there are most times you will be the only one and you will piss these mid life crisis weekend granpa-rossis on their sunshine bikes off in stealing them the show.

Well yes I always did. I had a S1 and an X1 both where absolutely horrible blowing engines at early stage.

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After riding some Nippon the XB came out and wow it looked the business. Love at first sight. But grown older and matured I thought do you want to go through all that again, having the bike fixed when the mates riding on the weekend. Well I test rode one and I just had to have one. Now after 5 years and mls I still love it like on the first day. Thanks to Harley the rubbish reliability of the old tube frame models got sorted and Erik still has his crazy input on the de both pared made a superb handling bike. No other bike handles like the XB and the grunt of the cc is just awesome.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, without spending lots of money on a Italo exotica than you have to have the XB!!!!! If I could only enter one sentence here, it would be: Just take it 2009 buell lightning xb12scg a test drive. I admit, the first time you get on it, having a tweaked harley engine thumping away is a bit odd. But once you open it up, ohhh boy. It has power nearly everywhere along the rev range and the cornering is excellent. The bike just has tons of character and makes you smile constantly.

As for the comments in the review concerning the engine and the gearbox: not an issue, at least not in the model that I have. The gearbox is great and there's no jerkeyness what so ever. There's nothing wrong with the build quality these days, the review above definately needs updating. The only thing that might be a problem is the exhaust. Its been known to rust, so far though, i haven't had a problem with it. Fuell range: poor? Thats just plain wrong. If you ride it as a commuter you'll get miles out of it.

And as for the equipment, why it gets two stars astounds me as the speed triple get 5 stars which is also a streetfighterwhich is just as minimalist. There's tons of parts available if you want to customize it. I had a 2009 buell lightning xb12scg and it was excellent especially the engine,i really loved the responsive punchy power. So buying the model with its extra tweaks it had gained over the years i new it would be even better. I am so shocked at how bad the power delivery is,twist the throttle and it all bogs down.

The engine is fine for poodling along at thou revs,but crack the throttle open and it's one big flat spot all the way to 5 thousand revs where your met with a big shudder and finally thrust. It is a real shame as the 05 buell was the best bike i ever had but the 08 model is the worst. I really love it.

2009 buell lightning xb12scg

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