12 guage shotguns

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A pump shotgun is like your old hunting truck. It might not be fancy. It might not have a lot of frills. But when you turn the key, it always gets the job done.

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A pump is simple, reliable, holds more shells than a break-action and can be had at a reasonable price. On the subject of price, you could pay a lot of money for a pump with glossy walnut and gold inlay.

A pump, rather, should be used and abused. Yes, you get a lot for your money when you buy a pump shotgun. The Remington is the greatest shotgun of all time. You can buy one action, a couple barrels and an extra stock and change the gun from a clay buster to a turkey killer to a home-defense firearm. But at its price, why bother, when you can buy one for each task and still have cash left over for ammo.

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One of the key features of the that make it so durable and reliable is the double action bar de. When you pump the gun, parallel steel bars connected to the forend slide back into the action to operate the mechanisms that eject the spent shell and load the next one. Dual bars prevent racking and promote smooth operation. Look for these models used, now that times are changing at Remington and for Remington shotguns.

There are shotgun fans, and there are Benelli fans.

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Their typified by their affinity for ultra-durable guns that can withstand anything a hard-core outdoorsman can dish out. A one-piece stock and receiver help keep out the weather and make this a nearly indestructible gun. If the Remington is the Superman of the pump world, the Mossberg is Batman: a superhero with a little more attitude.

Prior to the recent trend of manufacturers offering tactical models straight from the factory, the was the top choice of hunters who wanted a pump shotgun they could take to the field one day, then trick out with the latest aftermarket tactical swag when they got back home. Thousands of accessories are available for the There are even online forums dedicated to doing just that.

Mossberg has sold more 12 guage shotguns 10 million models of this classic pump. Would you buy that 12 guage shotguns If so, check out the Remington Nitro Mag. Deed not to replace the what gun could do that? Winchester brought us the Model 12 pump-action shotgun, one of the greatest firearms of all time, so the company knows a little bit about deing pumps.

Its Super X Pump SXP series of shotguns shines above all others for something that often gets mentioned only when discussing autoloaders: the speed of its action. Winchester created an inertia-inspired action that relies on the rearward momentum created by the shot to help the shooter cycle the action faster. The company says the gun can be fired three times in a half-second in trained hands. The Black Shadow model is a top deal in the firearms world. Other models are also available. A ported barrel helps to alleviate some of the shoulder-bruising boom-boom of big shells.

The company continued this process until it ended up with a gun that fired more than 6, rounds—what the company equates to 10 to 20 years of normal field use—without a failure.

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This Turkish-made gun comes in a handful of finishes, including black and camo, but do yourself a favor and look first at the PA Upland, with its walnut stock. You might also consider the synthetic SA pump shotgun.

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Owner Gus Bader will often just snag a random gun off the production line at TriStar and put it through the ringer to make sure it shoots straight and functions properly. One thing I consistently hear from TriStar shooters is the incredible fit on these guns.

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Performance, of course. Top guns are deed by top shooters for handling and performance when it counts. Every detail—from the meticulous fitting of parts to stock 12 guage shotguns, internal barrel configuration, and action de—comes together to make a top-line shotgun worth the money.

Outdoor Life is dedicated to covering safe and responsible gun ownership for hunting, recreation, and personal protection. We participate in affiliate advertising programs only with trusted online retailers in the firearms space. If you purchase a firearm using the links in this story, we may earn commission. Even with the radical progression in modern cartridge de, the venerable. The Benelli Nova pump shotgun. Remington Express and Express Super Magnum.

The Remington Express Remington. The Nova line of pump shotgun is an affordable option for Benelli lovers. A classic wood-stocked Mossberg pump shotgun. Remington Nitro Mag Remington. The Mossberg Ulti-Mag pump is one of the best shotguns for the price. Weatherby PA Weatherby. Pump Shotguns. Here are five Want more hunting and fishing stories? up to receive our s.

12 guage shotguns

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8 of the Best Pump Shotguns for Less Than $ (and One High-End Model)